Ava Lemert – From My Soul

Ava Lemert – From My Soul

Ava Lemert is a petit Califonia native who is blessed with a huge soulful sound as a singer and saxophonist.

In 5th grade she played clarinet, in High School she picked up the Saxophone and she was also the first girl drum major in High School and the lead in the marching band.

While attending the University of Southern California she had trouble with music theory and stopped playing for about 18 years.

Needless to say, she is back with her beautiful soulful tenor sax sound. She enjoys sharing her music with seniors and children for she is very much involved in the school system.

This spring she will play the National Anthem before the Sacramento River Cats school night out game.

Music is a wonderful way for self-expression“, she says.

Ava has released a full length CD – “From My Soul” which contains 9 tracks and features several singles. She is encouraged by her self-promotion and is pleased to see how well she is doing via CD baby in the Netherlands, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Ava has an incredible voice with a range and style that defies comparison or definition. She also has very different and equally expressive “voices” through her alto and tenor saxophones.

Her saxophone sounds are at times soft, lyrical and romantic, at other times, powerful, funky and electric.” AvaLemert.com

Join us April 22 at BlogTalkRadio.com/ColoredPeople at 7pm PST/9pm CST / 10pm EST as we talk to this down to earth soulful lady!

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