DaughterNature.com’s Art Gallery

DaughterNature.com’s Art Gallery

Our sponsor DaughterNature.com, ColoredPeople.net Members, and “The Flashbackz – Celebrity softball team”, team up for worthy causes.

ColoredPeople.net members’ original art is available exclusively at DaughterNature.com
Quwwa Davis
Andre Harris
Lydell Jackson
Christopher Batten
Daniel Hodges
James St.Clair

2011 ColoredPeople.net Calendar for Haiti

2011 ColoredPeople.net Calendar for Haiti

ColoredPeople.net 2011 Calendar – AVAILABLE NOW!

– 100% of Proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to Haiti relief –

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We have purposed this 16-month calendar for Haiti Relief.
Thank you to those ColoredPeople.net members who have responded to participate in project:

Chuk Barber – Art
Christopher Batten – Art
Joan Cartwright – Poetry
Reza C. Clifton – Poetry
Quwwa Davis – Art
Daton Fullard – Photography
Andre Harris – Art
Daniel Hodges – Art
Sandra Lester – Poetry
Steven Lopez – Art
Lady M – Poetry
Lamonte McLemore – Photography
Tribal Raine – Poetry
James St.Clair – Art
Connie Stephens – Art
La Tasha Taylor – Poetry
La Trisha Taylor – Poetry
La Wanda Frazier-Washington – Photography

A special “Thank you” to Princess for suggesting project and helping putting it together.

A special thank you to our members who sponsored this project:
For assisting us with printing expenses related to promoting calendars. Thank you!

Thompkins Marketing LLC.
Angels with Broken Wings – JaySkills

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